terça-feira, novembro 01, 2005

A cena excluída do filme TITANIC, ocorre no convés do RMS TITANIC, após a festa na terceira classe. Jack e Rose conversam, cantam no inicio da cena "Came Josephine" na versão original. Segue abaixo o script da cena:
The stars blaze overhead, so bright and clear you can see the Milky Way. Rose and Jack walk along the row of lifeboats. Still giddy from the party, they are singing a popular song "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine".

Come Josephine in my flying machine

And it's up she goes! Up she goes!

In the air she goes. Where? There she goes!

They fumble the words and break down laughing. They have reached the First Class Entrance, but don't go straight in, not wanting the evening to end. Through the doors the sound of the ship's orchestra wafts gently. Rose grabs a davit and leans back, staring at the cosmos.

Isn't it magnificent? So grand and endless.

She goes to the rail and leans on it.

They're such small people, Jack... my crowd. They think they're giants on the earth, but they're not even dust in God's eye. They live inside this little tiny champagne bubble... and someday the bubble's going to burst.

He leans at the rail next to her, his hand just touching hers. It is the slightest contact imaginable, and all either one of them can feel is that square inch of skin where their hands are touching.

You're not one of them. There's been a mistake.

A mistake?

Uh huh. You got mailed to the wrong address.

I did, didn't I?
(pointing suddenly)
Look! A shooting star.

That was a long one. My father used to say that whenever you saw one, it was a soul going to heaven.

I like that. Aren't we supposed to wish on it?

Jack looks at her, and finds that they are suddenly very close together. It would be so easy to move another couple of inches, to kiss her. Rose seems to be thinking the same thing.

What would you wish for?

After a beat, Rose pulls back.

Something I can't have.
(she smiles sadly)
Goodnight, Jack. And thank you.

She leaves the rail and hurries through the First Class Entrance.


But the door bangs shut, and she is gone. Back to her world.

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Alencar disse...

Muito legal o post Diego.
Vou agora mesmo conferir o video.
Parabéns TITANICFANS!!!!!!

mario disse...

muito mesmo, eu gosto dessa cena, especialmente tenho pena que nao tenha sido colocada na versao final

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It was a great movie and i love these dialogues and i see this scene form the movie after reading this and i really enjoyed it.

Mário disse...

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Mário disse...

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